Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Book Haul

Won in Goodreads Giveaways:
Uriel by Angie Anomalous
Reset by William R. Jones

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Willful Impropriety by a bunch of writers that you can see if you click the link
Strindberg's Star by Jan Wallentin
Death's Apprentice by K.W Jeter and Gareth Jefferson Jones
Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel (link takes you to the first book in the series)
The Shattering by Karen Healey
The Girl in the Blue Beret by Bobbie Ann Mason
I'm Not Gonna Lie: and Other Lies You Tell When You Turn 50 by George Lopez (this should be an interesting read)

I wasn't able to take pictures of them, and that's why this is so late, because I was trying to find time to take the photos but when I did have time, the tablet I needed to use was no where to be found. Sorry though. Tell me your thoughts on any of these books.

Allison :3

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